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Vaqueros hold clinic at Ventura school

Vaqueros hold clinic at Ventura school

The SBCC women's basketball team conducted community outreach when it visited College Heights Christian School in Ventura.

"Our players helped organize a basketball clinic for the kindergarten classes teaching the basic fundamentals of basketball such as shooting, defense, passing and stretching," said assistant coach Melissa Gutierrez, whose son Gavin attends the school. "The clinic lasted one hour and all 27 kids enjoyed it. My players did such a great job with engaging with the children, being energetic and enthusiastic.

"They also developed each activity/drill within the fundamental stations which was great for me as a coach to see their leadership skills and for them to take action."

Gutierrez said the teachers were very grateful for the visit and were impressed with how professional and fun the Vaqueros were.

"They even mentioned to me how it was great to see young girls that aren't usually active, take part in the clinic," Gutierrez added. "At the end of the clinic, each child got an SBCC folder, pencil and sticker tattoo (they were super excited)."