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SBCC places 12th in NATYCAA Cup

The men's golf team, under the direction of coach Chuck Melendez, finished 2nd in the State Tournament and Trent Caraher (top row, 2nd from right) tied for fifth (75-72--147)..
The men's golf team, under the direction of coach Chuck Melendez, finished 2nd in the State Tournament and Trent Caraher (top row, 2nd from right) tied for fifth (75-72--147)..

SBCC recorded its second-highest finish in the NATYCAA Cup, taking 12th out of 86 schools in the 2018-19 athletic supremacy contest for California community colleges.

Mt. San Antonio won its seventh straight title in the CCCAA National Alliance of Two-Year College Athletic Administrators all-sports competition, edging Riverside 162-159. Northern California schools grabbed the next four spots. Fresno City was third at 152, followed by Sierra (146.5), American River (143.5) and San Joaquin Delta (143).

Schools are awarded points based on their finishes in the State Tournament. The top 20 teams get points and each school's score is based on their top five men's and top five women's post-season finishes.

The Vaqueros were 12th with 93.0 points, tying Ventura for top WSC honors.

SBCC was powered by five strong finishes by its women's teams for the second straight year. The Vaqueros placed fourth in the state in women's competition with 74 points. The Vaquero women were third in the state in 2017-18 when SBCC notched its best overall finish of 10th place.

Four of the Vaquero women's teams reached the top-5 in the state. Women's Water Polo and Women's Golf tied for fourth, Women's Soccer and Tennis tied for fifth and Women's Swimming & Diving was 10th.

Men's Golf posted its best finish in 13 years, compiling a 146-20 record and taking state runner-up honors behind Canyons.

"I'm tremendously proud of our student-athletes and coaches," said athletic director Rocco Constantino. "I see the competition level in all sports and to be considered among the best out of more than 100 schools is remarkable. It's a real testament to all the hard work our coaches and student-athletes put in. To tie with Ventura as the top-ranked WSC team gives an added bonus. I'm hoping we can bounce back into the top 10 next year."

SBCC was the top WSC finisher in the NATYCAA Cup for the second straight year.

The Vaqueros have placed in the top 20 for six straight years, finishing 12th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 16th and 15th.


1. Mt. San Antonio     162.0
2. Riverside City          159.0
3. Fresno City              152.0
4. Sierra                       146.5
5. American River       143.5
6. San Joaquin Delta  143.0
7. El Camino                130.0
8. Cerritos                    113.5
9. Orange Coast          112.0
10. Santa Rosa              97.0
11. Diablo Valley           94.5
12. SBCC                        93.0
(tie) Ventura                  93.0
14. Sacramento City     90.5
15. Long Beach City      88.5
16. Fullerton                   84.0
17. Irvine Valley             81.0
18. San Diego Mesa      74.5
19. Bakersfield               73.5
20. Glendale                   68.5

SBCC History in the NATYCAA Cup

2018-19: 12th overall, tied for 1st among WSC teams (4th in women's sports)
2017-18: 10th overall, 1st WSC (3rd in women's sports)
2016-17: 15th overall, 2nd WSC
2015-16: 20th overall, 2nd WSC
2014-15: 16th overall, 2nd WSC
2013-14: 15th overall, 2nd WSC
2012-13: 37th overall, 6th WSC
2011-12: 40th overall, 7th WSC
2010-11: 38th overall, 6th WSC
2009-10: 33rd overall, 6th WSC
2008-09: 36th overall, 4th WSC
2007-08: 52nd overall, 9th WSC
2006-07: 36th overall, 7th WSC
2005-06: 34th overall, 7th WSC
2004-05: 41st overall, 7th WSC
2003-04: 67th overall, 13th WSC

* WSC finishes calculated using current WSC members