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Vaqueros at the Next Level

These players have all used SBCC as a stepping stone to further their academic and athletic endeavors. We are very proud of these past players and SBCC will always be thankful to them for all their hard work and dedication as student-athletes!

 Aaliyah Pauling -- La Verne University
 Meagan Moore -- San Diego Christian
 Jennae Mayberry -- Centenary (LA) College
 Lei Talaro -- La Verne University
 Maaria Jaakkola -- UC Berkeley (Academics)

 Hannah Rogers -- La Verne University
 Diamond Alexander -- Long Beach State (Academics)

Destinee King (2-time All-State) -- Our Lady of the Lake (San Antonio, Texas)
 Jocelin Petatan -- UC Santa Cruz
Stella Dulay -- Eastern Nazarene College (Quincy, Mass.)
 Alyssa Cosio -- Eastern Nazarene College

 Ali Sanchez -- Cal State East Bay
 Valentina Garcia -- Grand Canyon University

 Victoria Jackson -- Bethesda College (Anaheim, CA)
 Mizhrua Bautista -- UCLA (Academics)
 Darla Morales -- Husson University (Bangor, Maine)

 Mhiah Vickers, Eastern Nazarene College
 Jessica Valadez, Eastern Nazarene
 Jasmine Mata -- Eastern Nazarene
 Courtney Houston -- Eastern Nazarene
 Elia Salazar -- Eastern Nazarene
 Sheryl Scheppele -- Mt. Ida (Newton, Mass.)

 Sara Crane -- UC Santa Cruz
 Jennifer Thompson -- Western Washington
 Keia Nobles -- William Jessup University
 Michelle Herrera -- Eastern Nazarene

 Jasmine Johnson -- Eastern Nazarene
 Leslie Steele -- La Verne University
 Mercedes Gonzalez -- Graduated from UCSB with BA degree and her SBCC AA degree. She was a dual enrollment student-athlete at UCSB and SBCC when she played for the Vaqueros and now works for Pathways in Santa Barbara as a supervisor. 

 Imelda Bealer -- Texas A&M-Kingsville (Athletic Scholarship)
 Lyndsay Bergus --Claremont McKenna (Academic Scholarship)
 Janelle Wong -- Minot State (N.D.)  (Athletic Scholarship)
 Jen Stevens -- Cal St. Northridge (Academics)

 Giovanna Aplin -- Cal Lutheran University (Academics)
 Bridget Conlan -- Northern Arizona University (Academic Scholarship)
 Francesca DeAngelis -- University of Alaska, Anchorage (Athletic Scholarship)
 Chelsea Hewitt -- Missouri Valley College (Academic Scholarship)
 Jake Kelly -- UCSB (Academics)
 Mara Lux -- Cal St. Northridge (Academics)

 Josie Piercey -- Fresno State (Academics)
 Katie Randall -- Wayne State (Neb.) University (Athletic Scholarship)
 Lauren Wells -- Western New Mexico University (Athletic Scholarship)

 Brittany Collins -- University of Alaska, Anchorage (Athletic Scholarship)
 Roni Gordon -- UCLA (Academics)
 Ari Hendrix -- University of North Carolina, Pembroke (Athletic Scholarship)
 Jackie Perez Completed A.A. Degree

 Brenna Flynn -- San Diego State University (Academics)
 Kelli Lem -- San Diego State University (Academics)
 Alyssa Musgrove -- San Diego State University (Academics)
 Jessica Romero -- San Diego State University (Academics)
 Sara Rudorfer -- UCLA (Academics)
 Angela Spence -- Hawaii Pacific University (Athletics)

(These players made history with a school-record 26 wins)

 Kayla Briers -- UCSB (Academics)
 Brittany Crossland -- San Francisco State (Athletic Scholarship)
 Melissa Gutierrez -- Cal State University, Monterey Bay (Athletics)
 Talia Joyce -- UC Santa Cruz (Athletics)
 Jessie Mira -- UCSB (Academics)
 China Nelson -- Cal State Long Beach (Academics)
 Erin Seaver -- UCSB (Academics)
 Lisette Williford -- UCLA (Academics)

 Melissa Durian -- UCSB (Academics)
 Annie Wingard -- Cal St. University, San Bernardino (Athletic Scholarship)